ImmUniverse aims to advance the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of both diseases and thereby significantly improve the management of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases and consequently every patient‘s life.

To succeed in this, ImmUniverse is particularly keen to understand the role of the crosstalk of tissue and immune cells in progression/remission of ulcerative colitis and atopic dermatitis and to correlate tissue-derived signatures with circulating signatures detectable in liquid biopsies, using omics technologies. Following this unique and unparalleled approach, ImmUniverse will fill the gap and the limitations of previous investigational approaches, which did not investigate the complex interactions between circulating immune cells and tissue microenvironment. In addition, the parallel study of two different IMIDs will enable the identification of both disease-specific as well as cross-disease signatures and underlying pathological pathways.

The flow of the overall approach and analysis of the ImmUniverse retrospective and prospective collection is depicted below: