Work packages

The project activities are managed in so-called work packages. ImmUniverse is set up around six such work packages. Different partners, academic and industrial, take the lead on achieving different tasks within a particular work package while ensuring close collaboration with other institutions and across the different work packages.

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image/svg+xmlWP1: Project Management and disseminationWP2: IdentificationWP6: Bioclinical HubWP3: Liquid BiopsydOFM TechnologyWP3: Liquid BiopsyLIPUS TechnologyWP4: BioinformaticsWP5: VerificationLegendDataAssaysClinical SamplesClinical SamplesTissueTissueBloodTissueClinical DataBloodEFPIA: in Kind ContributionsAcademic PartnersExisting Clinical SamplesBloodStoolClinical DataSamplemanagementSignaturesSingle CellAnalysisTissueBloodClinicalDataDermalint. fluidTissueBloodClinicalData