ImmUniverse partner Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna presents results on Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound stimulation during recent workshop

A joint scientific workshop between the Biorobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and the Italian Institute of Technology was organised at Polo Sant’Anna Valdera in Pontedera (Italy) on May 16-17.

During this event Dr Andrea Cafarelli of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna presented the work titled "Applications of low intensity ultrasound for advanced therapies", in which the recent results on the use of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound stimulation for a non-invasive ulcerative colites diagnosis in the framework of the Immuniverse project were presented. The work was supported through a collaboration with BAC Technologies.

The full academic paper detailing the latest insights is openly accessible through ScienceDirect. It covers the following highlights with regards to Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound stimulation that can be applied for people suffering from ulcerative colitis:

  • LIPUS stimulation set-ups able to precisely control the dose delivered to cells.
  • Full control of ultrasound stimulation parameters.
  • Novel biological sample-retaining system solution which guarantees in vitro sterility.
  • Absence of toxic and inflammatory effects on cells retained within the system.
  • Highly-controlled sonication experiments on cells.